Friday, April 22, 2011

Plans for the May SEHA theme

Its Good Friday and its very quiet here in my little corner of Long Island. I know it's Good Friday, but there is no big fish feast planned here, just me and hubby when he gets home, and he will be tuckered out and ready to put his feet up and rest. He works very hard and I expect him to be snoozing by 8 PM tonight. That leaves me with time on my hands for a change! I want to use it to start my project for the May SEHA theme, Gypsy Magic. Here is what I'm planning - this is the wagon - I am going to build it from a cardboard frame and then lay it with paper mache, in a couple of different formats. Old fashioned newspaper mache for the basic frame, and then paperclay for the decorative details. I am not thinking beyond the wagon right now - although I will be making at least one doll much like my Witches on Wheels doll - small soft body poseable. I have until May 17th to post the finished piece so its pretty ambitious right now. If time allows, possibly an animal of some type to pull the wagon. Any suggestions? :)

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