Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fairy Tale Baby Shower

As my last post announced, I am about to become a grandmother for the first time. My sweet daughter is as round as a pumpkin and Victoria is ready for her journey into this world any day now. Her actual due date is Dec 5th, but the doctors have already scheduled an induction on Nov 25 or 26 if she does not go by then. I am feeling very nervous, but very confident that my daughter will do well. I wanted to share my creations for my baby girl's baby shower here, I was so very happy with the results and the shower was all we had wanted it to be. The only thing I was not happy with was the cake, which is unfortuanate because we love this bakery. In the spirit of good karma and being gracious, I will not bash it too much, but suffice to say the christening cake will probably end up having custom decorations like the gender cake had. I already have the cake in mind, I will sketch it after the baby arrives and see if my daughter and her husband like it. The theme to the shower, as mentioned, was Fairy Tales. My daughters best friend Dana came up with the amazing idea to put fairy tale books on the table as centerpieces and have the guests note the books with sentiments and well wishes for the baby. Much like the bridal shower (Dana was the one who showed up with strings of belled elephants from India that we cut apart and wired into beautiful and absolutely perfect favors for that shower - see Bollywood Bridal Shower) Dana struck pure gold with her idea and we ran with it. We bought gold plates from AC Moore (plastic of course! Not REAL gold! Sillies! Hehehe!) and hot glued plate/book stands to them. We used lots of plastic "ice" and "gems" all in pink and clear to scatter/fill the plate. We made the pens from ostrich feathers (Ebay - $20), ribbon, crystal (bling ribbon. Lovely stuff!), satin ribbon, small vases (AC Moore, $1 each) filled with glass glitter -
A to serve as "inkwells" for the pens. We then laid silk pink peonies with baby's breath onto each plate, which tied it in nicely with the wishing well and the pink linens.
We went over the things people wrote in the books later that evening, and it made my daughter cry. :) Here is the sketch I did for the wishing well:
It was a complete "construct" job, meaning I did not manufacture or create any of the items that were used to make it, other than the roof (and even that was just a matter of glueing crepe paper to hard foam board.) - here is the pile of "stuff" before I started to put it all together:
And here it is all assembled:
I also made a diaper cake for the first time -
And this was the cake -
My daughter and her husband received so many lovely gifts for their baby - I was soooo pleased with the entire affair! I really wanted to share it all - Ive had a few folks asking me about posting art for sale - Ive been just so busy with family - I have been creating and painting and doing - just for the family right now. I hope to get back into the selling market once the holidays are over. I hope you enjoyed this peek at our baby shower! <3

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  1. Now who doesn’t want this fairy tale shower! Decorations to welcome the princess are absolutely adorable. Flowers and favors of same colors are really pretty. Came to know about many New York venues from my cousin also and planning to hire one for my sister in law's welcome. Want to make her fell special in all the ways possible.