Friday, April 15, 2011

Potions and Spells - the April SEHA challenge

Well, once again, I am behind the 8 ball with my SEHA challenge. I have an armature all ready, with the first layers of polymer clay on it, and maybe..MAYBE..if I get into my art room and put my head down, I MIGHT have a project to submit come the 17th. I really feel like I owe my group this challenge..I have started and failed to finish the last four challenges, at least...time to get a grip on my time management issues. Its not like I havent been creating in the meantime, I did that Vintage Easter Card Swap that was hosted by Patrick Gill, the Cre8tor's Touch, and that was awesome, so its not like Ive been idle art-wise. Just not managing my time efficiently, as usual. Anyway, I'm alone tonight, boys are both out, and I am just waiting for the glue to dry on the first round of wigging for my confirmation angels. They need to be finished yesterday. Heh. Lets see what I can accomplish between now and Sunday. Ready...set...GO!!!

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