Friday, July 26, 2013

It's a Girl!

As you know, my daughter got married almost 2 years ago, and in keeping with her master life plan, she and her husband are now expecting a beautiful baby girl. We just found this out last weekend, by way of a gender reveal party! Now, when I told my husband that this was how we were going to do this, he was very skeptical and even went as far as declaring that "He didn't want to know!" I gently reminded him that this was the year 2013, and that most parents know the gender of their child long before that child is born, it's just the nature of the new technology. Hey, we knew the gender of our son before he was born! Some things you just can't hide on a sonogram of a 8 month term baby that already weighs as many pounds - especially if its a boy! Hehehe! So, a party it was! We looked for the perfect cake for that was going to be the way we would reveal the baby's gender - once my daughter and son in law had the sealed envelope from the sonogramoligist (they did not know or peek!!) we brought it to the bakery with instructions on the cake. This was the inspiration:
I wanted to make the moon and stars for this cake as paper clay figures on picks, that my daughter and son in law could then keep as a keepsake from the party. Here is the project :
And here is the finished cake:
If you look, you will see the "base" that I made for the picks, with a photo holder that served as the "core" for the base. These were the damask cubes that we used for wedding place cards for their wedding, and we had some left over, and it worked perfectly. I covered the cube with a foil core, covered that with floral tape, and then used paper clay to create a base from the cake theme, complete with sparkly clouds on top. The moon and stars went from the cake, into the base and into their curio cabinet. I have a beautiful picture of my daughter and son in law hugging when they found out, I am going to size-print it for that base, I think. Either that or my daughter put the sonogram pic in there already. :) I enjoyed making the picks for the cake, I think they came out cute. I know my daughter LOVED them and that is worth all the cake in the world!! <3 We had a wonderful time! We gave out colored flower lei's in pink or blue, depending on what "team" you were on, with buttons to declare for your team. The weather was beautiful, the food was great, the family had a wonderful time and we found out what baby bun bun is going to be, a lovely little girl!! Up next - the wishing well for the baby shower. It's going to be a fairy tale themed baby shower - Ive already ordered all the flowers and crystals and led lights - I cannot wait to share that!!!

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