Saturday, July 12, 2014

A new swap group!

I love swaps. Its no secret that I seem to do my best work when giving things away. I love being able to collect things without having to spend money on anything but supplies, and while there are those that say I could sell my swap pieces and afford to buy pieces of my own choice with the proceeds, I disagree. Its just fun. I love doing them. Its been a while since weve had a vintage card swap with Patrick's group - it seems we are moving to challenges instead, which is fine, but Id rather do swaps. I don't sell often enough to have any kind of client following to sell my challenge pieces to, although I do plan on getting my Etsy shop off the ground this year, so the challenges are fun and fine, but I don't want to end up with a shelf full of projects that Im having a hard time selling. Id rather swap. Also, the Art Doll site that did do ornament swaps (2 years in a row) is now closed so that channel is gone too, so I found a new swap site. Its small, there are only 6 participating in this swap, but as long as I have a partner, it may as well be 100, right? Right. The theme for this one was  "Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins"  and the item was supposed to have been either a tree topper or a table piece. This group picks the partners before the work actually starts, and its up to us to contact our partners and go over details, etc. My partner said she does not have a Halloween Tree, or room for table decor, and asked if I could make her something to hang on the wall or from the ceiling instead. I had already started a tree topper, and toyed with the idea of turning it into a lantern instead, but an idea had already lit up in my head when she mentioned wall hangings and I couldn't shake it, so that is what won out.  I used Le Doll Lightweight Stone Clay over foil, acrylic paints, lots of glue - I downloaded some simple autumn leaf clip art and cut them all out to glue onto the canvas board - the moon has glitter on it - there are flat back crystals in for the stars - the only thing left is to touch up the staining, fix the back with hanging teeth bars, and then seal it all with Triple Thick spray. This swap is almost done. I'll add the pic of the item I received in response once I receive it. Can't wait to see what it will be!! :)
This was to be the tree topper - I scrapped this idea in favor of the project below.

Well, this is what I recved from this swap. I had taken a peek at my partners page to see what kind of stuff she does, and it seemed she had done some steampunk work, so when she asked, I told her I wouldn't mind a steampunk owl of sorts.  Now, Im not complaining, but I dont see the steampunk and I was a bit disappointed that she didn't incorporate a pumpkin in there somewhere - the swap I signed up for was a Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins swap. Three pumpkins, mind you. And nary a one to be found below.  She said she really liked the piece I made for her so thats good at least. The box it shipped in was awful, there was not one bit of packing inside, she just tossed it into a battered, torn up used box and scrawled my name on it. I was pretty dismayed when it arrived, which is not really fun at all. I was polite, but yea, it would be nice if a bit of time and care had been taken in handling him. Wonky as he is, I didn't want him beaten to death on the way over, and I really dont know how he made it without that faceplate being broken into bits. One day I may post in the groups about packaging and how what you present on the outside is an indication of what you think of whats inside and how much difference it makes to the receiver. Face it, would you enjoy opening presents if they were wrapped in dirty, torn newspaper with no ribbons or bows? In any event, Ive grown strangely fond of this odd fellow, and Im happy I joined this swap.

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