Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snowman Swap

I had mentioned earlier that I joined a new swap group and for my second swap in August,  the theme was Snowmen. Easy enough - I had everything I needed on hand to make something cute, including one of those blinky lights necklaces you get at AC Moore's or Michaels - this one was snowflakes. Here is the creation -

I had the hat on hand, and the little red cardinal, the base - all on hand. I am using Starbucks straws as pipes to string the wire through - the little control box will sit inside a housing I cut out of the styrofoam in the back.

I used a wooden dowel inside the foam balls, which was set into the base and glued in, so this guy is VERY secure. The foam balls where then "strung" onto the dowel, and then masking tape was used to secure them together.

Now for the final paint job

And that is my snowman swap entry! My partner messaged me to say how much she loves him, and that is the best payment of all!!! She made me an adorable ball jointed teddy bear in return, which is why I used the teddy bear buttons I found in my Mom's old button tin. Kismet, indeed.

 Horray for Snowmen and Teddy Bears!

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