Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Ace of Pumpkins

I've been super busy lately, taking on not one, not two but three separate projects for three different groups I belong to.  I will post them each separately as I finish them, but up first is my Ace of Pumpkins tarot box. 

My "alpha" group, Every Witch Way Lane, has devised a plan to make creating fun for it's artist members and fun for it's collector members as well - the monthly theme challenge. Every month through the end of the year, there will be a new theme challenge with a poll available on the blog site to vote for your favorite submission. The winner will get a special commemorative prize from the group founder and leader, Patrick Gill and first page rights on the sales site when the items go up for sale on the 15th of the month. March's theme was "Witches Spells" - my contribution is a polymer clay tarot card box, complete with tarot cards titled The Ace of Pumpkins. 

I wrote a poem to go with the box and am delighted to present it here for you, my dear readers. 

An Evening At The Carnival

My girlfriends and I were out for the night
To the carnival in town and the midway lit bright
Good things to eat there, and rides built to thrill
Games of chance and the shows, we had all evening to kill.

Then there in the center of the midway it rose
A tent of bright silk with a sign that disclosed
"The future belongs to the daring and brave
Enter here, my friend if it's answers you crave".

A question, a query, a mystery to ponder
Into that bright tent I ventured to wander
It took a few moments to adjust to the room
Dark and smoke-scented, with just a touch of deep gloom.

A table in the center, set with a cloth and a candle
A man with dark eyes that threatened a scandal 
My heart skipped a beat and my hands felt so cold
"Sit down, my dear girl" he said as his teeth flashed with gold.

So I sat, my eyes wide, as he reached for a deck
Of brightly painted cards, my nerves now a wreck
"So, my dove, what questions would you ask of me here?
Think of it as I shuffle, don't be timid, my dear!"

And so I thought carefully on what question to pose
A chance for a mystery's true nature to expose
But all I could think of was "Would I find real true love?"
"Would Cupids sharp arrow soon strike me from above?"

The man's eyes flashed with laughter, his amusement so deep
"Ah, that question! I hear it so often, I recite it in my sleep!!"
He chuckled and dealt several cards in a line
And laughed as The Ace of Pumpkins fell in the candlelight's shine.

"Now here is a card that says you will be blessed!
Happiness, wealth, true love and all the rest!
I see by the cards this is your most lucky day
Now three coins for my troubles, dear, the exit is that way."

So I left with my heart still beating so fast
And wandered the midway, wanting the night to last
And there I met him over at the goldfish games tent
The man who would become my husband, my true love's intent.

Years pass, we are happy now with a family and friends true
A career for us both, a home, children and a dog named Baloo
And over the mantle a single card framed in shining bright gold
"The Ace of Pumpkins" hangs there, a beloved promise foretold.

And so here is the box that I created - the design is the Ace of Pumpkins from the tarot deck - it is recreated here in 3-D relief from polymer clay.

 It is currently available for sale at Every Witch Way Lane - just click on the Sale Site below to visit and have a peek. Thank you so much for visiting - I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Absolutely brilliant I love the poem and I just adore the box...

    1. Hi Crystal! Thank you so much for stopping by and for hte kind words. It's much appreciated!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving the kind words. It means a lot to me.