Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SEHA Aug 2010 Candy Corn Challenge

Did I have fun making this bracelet!!! Its been a long while since I made any charm bracelets - if I were to go check, the last bracelet I made was probably a Jack-O-Lantern bracelet for last Halloween. I have been working on my minature sculpting techniques in the meantime, and I think it does show here in this new bracelet I created for this months SEHA challenge. I searched and searched for orange swarovski crystals to use - I do not think there is any such thing! Topaz seemed the best match, a smokey orange - and so those were used, along with black swarovskis to create the accent baubles. As for the polymer charms, I have to say I LOVE the way the owl came out. It is exactly as I saw it in my minds eye when I was envisioning the charms I would create for this project, and it was the easiest and quickest of all the charms to create. The ghost gave me a LOT of trouble - I had to make him three times before I was happy with the result - the first one scorched a bit, which I may have let slide but my husband, bless him, said "Why is he wearing goggles??" which pointed out that the bandit mask I wanted him to wear needed to be a BIT thinner! So, off to the second attempt- he came out very cute, but burned worse than the first one! Back to the drawing board. Number three came out adorable, the pumpkin bucket he is carrying came out three dimensional rather than just a flat accent, his eyes came out cute, and I watched the oven like a nervous mother hen the entire time. Viola! Success! I hope you like the bracelet - I made earrings to match it as well, and they are all on sale now on Ebay for the next seven days.

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