Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog, blog, who has the blog?

Ok. I am now convinced, after spending some time developing my Facebook page, and finding a lovely home on CreatingTheHive that I MUST centralize my blog, here. I have a lot of work to do, in terms of "administrative tasks" where my artistic "presence" is concerned, and the first thing on that list is creating a sane flow, of where I post, when, how much, and making it a consistant habit. I have bascially culled all my online interests down to things having to do only with art (goodbye sweet MUDS) and I am committed to developing not only my skills, but my contacts, and my "place" in the world. It doesn't help much that I have NO idea what I'm doing but that's ok! I don't mind learning as I go, and in fact, I truly believe that in all things creative and artistic, you are NEVER done learning....never. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll actually have followers!! LOL!! :)

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