Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Gardens - Photo heavy

Its is a very lovely June day, with lots of beautiful sun and warm breezes. All that rain and gloomy weather through May has paid off, as has the hard work cleaning up the back yard after this past years brutal winter. I wanted to share my yard - I love seeing pictures of the things that make people happy, so here are some of mine.
Here is what the small tomato garden looked like a few months ago
And here is what it looks like right now

Here you can see my husband's beloved roses, the huge black locust tree that was one of the few that survived the original building projects in this area. We've planted most of the trees on our property.
This poor thing is...was..my weeping goat willow tree, or weeping pussy willow. It was a gift from my husband at least 10 years ago, and it never really seemed to like it where we put it. This year is it's last, I am afraid. I am so sad over this. When it was healthy and blooming, it would burst with cascading branches of soft pussy willows. I need to find a hardy North Eastern variety of pussy willow for my garden.
One of two bird baths I keep in my backyard, which is about 90 feet long. Its a very standard Long Island back yard, not too much room but certainly enough room for a couple of pavement raised city kids to plant a few flowers and tomatoes. This yard was nothing but sand when we moved in, with two trees on the property. We planted everything else ourselves, over the years, and now this is my Own Private Idaho! Anyway, this is the "angel garden" - just a little area, where I will plant flowers around the base of the bath. Flanking it are two carpet rose bushes that we bought at the local supermarket for three bucks each, so small they fit in the palm of your hand. Not sure they love it there in the shade, but what did we know about roses then?
This is a genuine, South of The Border Pink Flamingo!! Anyone who has ever driven from NY to Florida, or from Florida to NY knows about South of the Border - the biggest, cheesiest road side monstrosity that was ever built! Who doesn't feel a bit of relief when those "50 MILES TO PEDRO!" signs start showing up on I-95, letting you know your truly in the South now!! And what better souviner to snag from this beloved land mark of Astounding American Kitsch than the King of American Kitsch - the Pink Flamingo. Love this little pink plastic treasure.
This is my patio - having been raised in Queens, I like concrete. Sue me. Don't get me wrong. I don't like it covering EVERYTHING, but when faced with a choice of a raised wooden deck or a concrete patio, I want concrete and as you an see, I got it when we first started working on this sand pit that was our yard. Down one side, we have the tomato gardens, built around the AC unit that sits on that side of the house. Down the other, we planted what I call the "English" garden, with a Rose of Sharon bush (that is HUGE now) and with bleeding hearts, lilly of the valley and some other plants whose names escape me now. It provides lovely shade on that side of the patio, where our table setup is.

Well, it seems I can't add any more pics here, and I'm too eager to move on to something else right now to try to figure it out. I'll post more as the garden develops - I still have to pick out the flowers for around the angel bird bath. I hope you liked the little tour - if you hear Grateful Dead music, or Gogol Bordello coming from over a fence while passing through, and you see the glow of tiki torches, and as long as you come in peace and love and bearing gifts of wine and song, stop on by!! On the other hand, if you hear MotorHead or ICP coming over the fence, run away, as that means the kids have temporary custody of the yard! :)
Hugs and Peace!

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