Friday, June 3, 2011

A quick update on my July Vintage Card Swap piece

Its 1 AM - work has been brutal all week, but its finally the weekend! YAY! I have a lot of stuff planned - I went out for dinner tonight with my husband, my son and his girlfriend to an awesome place called Port Royal Grille - yes, it's pub/pirate themed, but it is in no way a cheesy tourist place. They make great bbq, and even have a challenge called the Davy Jones Challenge that Adam from the TV Show "Man Vs. Food" has taken and won there. Tomorrow, we have a wrestling show to go to in the evening, and we will no doubt be doing some running around during the day - I still have one spot in our gardens that needs flowers: the angel garden. Maybe Sunday I'll get in the yard and take some pics to share - I love my gardens and they are so pretty when they are freshly planted. That leaves Sunday, so I do plan on getting into my art room Sunday and working on my offering for Patrick of Cre8tor's Touch Vintage Card Swap - here are a few pics of where we are at - ready for painting! Can't wait to see it done :)
A last look at the finished sculpting job before it is gesso'd and prep'd for painting
All ready for painting
A last look before it's painted and crackled

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