Friday, July 8, 2011

Kitchen Witches In Progress - First one done. What do you think??

I've been very busy with my day job, and it seems every weekend for the past several weeks there have been things to do. Some of them have been joyful, such as the graduation party of my darling niece and the birth of my grand niece (different nieces! LOL!), not to mention Father's Day and the Fourth of July. Some of them have been sad - we attended a wake a few weeks ago of a very good friend of my husband, who died due to an infection from Poison Ivy. That was very sad, more so due to the senseless nature of his death. Along with all the traveling and visiting and working and gardening, I have tried to spend time in my art room, but that has been a neat trick. Still in all, I have something new to share! I am making a series of kitchen witches, all done by hand, the heads sculpted from paper clay without any molds, all one of a kind. Here is the very first one almost done - she is my sunflower witch - I am still working on her, in fact her hat is sitting by my computer desk as we speak, and I am putting the finishing touches on that. All hand sewn, with custom made polymer sunflower buttons for her cloak. I did not use any glue for this piece, including on the flowers on the hat, those are sewn in, not glued (although they are not yet attached in the pic below.) I have also yet to do the end of the broom, that will get done this weekend and then she will be a done witch! I'll post more later.

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