Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last WIP update before finished results are published - Vintage Halloween Card Swap 2011

Ive been working to get this project done, and I wanted to share more work in progress pics. These will be the last WIP pictures of this project, the next one you will see will be the finished results on Patrick Gill's CreatingtheHive.com site. This was a fun project - I really do enjoy doing them!
Above, we see the dress for this witch coming together. I wanted to use a decoupage method for getting the pattern down - blue dress with yellow roses.

And here you can see that I have found a nice pic of roses, shrunk them to teeny tiny size, and printed them.

Look how tiny they are! It seems that no swap project is complete unless there is some micro mini work to do - here it is those tiny roses. My Easter Card swap this year involved setting jewels in what seemed like hundreds of tiny silk flowers. Fun!!

Here is a closer look at how the roses look on her dress. It came out just as I wanted, and will look very nice once she has been glazed and sealed.

Here are the children, all painted and ready for finishing.

A final look at the placement of each element of this piece, before I glue them down.

On to the cloak and hat for the witch, and then wigging and were done!
And here, you can see I have lost complete control of the art room!!! I will get in there tonight, clean it up, and get to finishing this project! Thanks so much for stopping in to peek!

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