Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage Halloween Card Swap 2011 - DONE AND WON!

I just wanted to catch up quick here - I have been VERY busy working on my daughter's wishing well for her upcoming bridal shower - I am dying to post pictures, as I am VERY pleased with the progress, but I don't want anything to spoil the surprise, so I will wait. In the meantime, I did finish my Vintage Halloween Card Swap piece, and I won the favorite poll! I get a free doll from Patrick Gill, which is amazing as I adore his work AND my swap partner turned out to be Robert Brawly of Halloween Fanatic - he was my partner last time too, and I now own two genuine Halloween Fanatic art pieces thanks to these swaps. Here is a final picture of the project - I had so much fun and my piece is already shipped and received by it's new owner. LOVE these swaps.

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