Monday, September 5, 2011

Vintage Halloween Card Swap 2011

I wanted to post an update here, regarding the Vintage Halloween Card Swap that Patrick is hosting on his Cre8tor's Touch Hive spot. This will be the third Vintage Card Swap I've participated in this year, and I have to say I am loving it! I don't know that anyone understands why I spend so much time and effort (and money!) to create things for swaps - all I know is I generally do my best work

on things that end up as gifts, and while I AM receiving a swap item in exchange, I think of these swaps as gifts, and am relieved of the pressure of wondering if it will sell. Sounds silly, but thats what I think. :)
Anyway, its been a crazy couple of weeks - with my daughter's wedding rolling up so quickly, I need to clear my art bench of all projects except for the wedding tree and the shower fountain that need to be done. I did start several minature kitchen witches (I was VERY pleased with how the little witch came out for Patrick's EWWL ornament swap last week) and those are ready, but again - I MUST get my daughters wedding/shower projects done.
Here are pictures of the Vintage Halloween Card Swap progress - I was very happy with the way the witch is coming out, and the armatures for the children are pretty promising as well - I like when I am happy when how things are going - I am usually so hard on myself, and I have been known to overwork items to the point of sabbatoge when my lack of technique/talent/caffine/sleep/ frustrates me, but this project seems to be going smoothly so far. Here is what I have:
This is the card I chose for the swap - I wanted to keep it witch themed and this one just basically chose me! I hope to do it justice.

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  1. Hi Arlene :)
    It surely shows all the love you put into your swaps pieces, even your armatures are magnificent!!! I cant wait to see it all complete :)

    Have a great weekend!