Saturday, August 20, 2011

Halloween Ornament Tree

This is the tree I started a while ago - I had made one that my daughter claimed right away, and this is my second tree. The August 2011 SEHA theme happened to be Halloween Ornament, so I wanted to finish this for that entry, and I did! The tree is heavy gauge wire, with a lighter gauge wrapped tightly around it. I "paint" the whole thing with black diamond glitter, and in this case, I found a cute string of tiny orange lights to wrap round it.

 The box was a bit of a challenge, it was originally white. I painted it black, make the base of the tree with a fitted spot to wedge that box in under the "roots", and then sewed a little tree skirt to go over it. The box is totally removeable, so if no lights are desired, they can be removed.
The ornaments are all paper clay over styro cores - there is a JackOLantern, which I left with nothing in it, allowing a stash spot for tiny halloween-type treasures, and a crescent moon ornament painted in bright acrylics with a vintage look to him. There is a vampire ornament, which evolved into one after I could not decide what to do with it before it became a vampire. I WAS going to make him possibly a Halloween elf or goblin of some sort - not sure at what point it was decided this was a vampire, but here he is. His hair is made with soft felt flocking. There is a cat ornament, vintage looking, very bright, very simple, and then there is the King of Halloween, with a wired crown of mulberry vellum that has been covered in several coats of glitter, and hung with hand sculpted polymer jack-o-lanterns all round. Swarovski crystals are set round the crown, flanked by soft marabou hair. I like how this one came out, he was orginally supposed to be a Man in the Moon, but he reminded me instead of jester of some type. Maybe because I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series again, and there is a jester character in it called "Moon Boy" (I am currently having issues with finding my inspiration, and my self confidence, but that is an entry for my diary I keep under my bed, not here. LOL!) - but in any event, here he is, the King of Halloween. I hope the tree sells - SOMEONE has to pay the glitter bill around here!
It's currently available on Ebay

Ok - off to the next project!! Vintage Halloween Card Swap!!

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