Monday, February 20, 2012

Round Two of In Progress Pics - Vintage Easter Card Swap 2012

Its Monday evening, and Ive had a very productive weekend! I got a lot done on my project, and have lots of pics to share with you. I still have to get the paper clay work on the bunnies done, and the garden fence needs to be done, as well as the garden itself - I am pleased with my progress so far and am not feeling time crunched yet. :)

Here is where we basically left off. As you can see Ive gotten the armature done for the gnome, as well as the instruments for the bunnies. I have lots of flowers waiting to be glued to this egg.

And were off! Flower work in progress

Here Im starting the polymer clay daffodils that will be in the garden under the window. I am going to be using a triple stamen with pearlized white seed beads strung and twisted on a single wire.

I used the silk leaves that were stripped off the stems of flowers that I used to cover the egg. The leaves were trimmed a bit and then glued to green floral wire to go into the daffodil garden.

Here's a finished stamen, ready for polymer clay. I took orange clay, and rolled it around a brush handle to form the trumpet of the daffodil. Using a bit of clay softener, I formed the little frills and sealed it up. Sliding it off the brush handle and threading the stamen into it, I sealed the bottom of the trumpet around the wrapped wire, hiding it. Next, the yellow petels were threaded onto the wire and gently pressed around the bottom of the trumpet.

Here is a close up of the flower just before it went into the oven. (Not with the leaf, of course - that was removed before baking.)

One more shot of the egg before the gnome and flower pot get mounted inside it. As you can see, it has been carefully and completely covered in jeweled silk flowers

Speaking of which, the gnome has been started. First stage is getting his head and eyes baked - here I have his head just about done - once that is baked, I will then get his clothes done - and after that bakes, I will add his whtie beard.

Flowers are out of the oven and ready for the garden. These turned out to be alot of fun to make and I was happy with how they came out.

Muscial instruments ready for the oven - the mandolin will get varnished and strings added ( I belive I will use glue soaked thread - probably white. We will see) and the horn will be covered with brassy gold glitter. The pot will be filled with blue flowers and glued into the window along with the gnome.
And that is pretty much where we are at right now with this. I am thinking I will get the paper clay done this weekend - we will see.  Thanks so much for peeking!! See you with more pics next week!

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