Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final WIP photos of Vintage Easter Swap

Hi all - tomorrow is Friday and with that the weekend! This is when I have most of my free time to get into my art room and work on whatever it is I have on the bench. Right now, its my Vintage Easter Swap piece for the 2012 Swap being hosted by Patrick Gill on CreatingtheHive.com - these are the last progress photos I will post before the project is complete - may be as soon as this weekend! To be realistic, however, I think I will get the last of the paper clay done (bunnies need clothes) and all the reindeer moss glued down. The final thing will be painting the bunnies, I anticipate that will be done by next weekend, The project is due by March 17 so I think I am well on track to finish! Heres what we have: Here is a shot of the project as it sits on my bench. You can see I've stained the base, the tree and the fence, and Ive gotten the bird house completed.
Heres the bird house with the little gray bird. I made the bird from a little bit of paper clay, and painted it gray after it dried, using a tiny shard of wood for the beak, just as I did for the canary over the gnome's window. I used grey and white feathers to flock the bird and tiny czech seed beads for eyes and glued him to the bird house perch. I think its soooo cute!
Another shot of the bunnies - I was soo anxious about these, and it took me a while to just rip open that paper clay and just DO it. I ended up VERY pleased with the way they came out and am no where NEAR as anxious about adding the clothing details in paper clay as I was about just starting them.
The Attack of the Bunnies!!
Just wanted to give another angel of the bunnies - I can't wait to paint them.
Thank you for taking a moment to look - be back next week with more pics, projects and ponderings. Hugs and Peace Arlene

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