Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art Doll Artists Halloween Swap 2012 - The Escort

This was a breakthough project for me. The last thing I finished in my art room was the Easter Swap project for Patrick Gill's annual Vintage Easter Card Swap 2012. In the interium, pressure from work along with lots of activity family wise spelled trouble for my muse, who packed her bags and fled, for weeks and weeks. Now, I do NOT like to commit to things and then not follow through. The last challenge that the ADA had for the summer was a Vintage Circus challenge. You would think this would be RIGHT up my alley, seriously. I had lots of great ideas, even sketched them out - they never made it to the table. Just too much going on for me to rub two hours together to start a project. Sigh. Well, the puppy is slowly becoming civilized and not quite as psycho although I cannot and will not let him into the art room (his middle name is Abu, after the monkey in Alladin who likes to steal everything) so whenever I do want to duck in there, I have to make sure the puppy is being properly supervised. Nothing like having a new baby in the house!! So with him behaving more like a dog and less like a misguided missle, I have been able to fullfill my latest commitments. This is the ornament I made for the Art Doll Artists swap - I call him the Escort. He is a soft body doll over a wire armature, his head is paper clay, as are his hands and feet. He is gently poseable. The little lantern on his staff is made of paper and ink, and coated with Triple Thick. I LOVE how it came out, seriously. Love it. I tried four times to come up with a differnt technique, including paper cutting and painting - in the end, a simple ink drawing on orange paper did it.
And there you have it. The Escort. I hope whoever receives him enjoys him as much as I enjoyed making him!

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