Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christmas 2012

So, has it really been that long since Ive been home? It's a good thing the gnomes left their lanterns burning, and the fairies kept the baubles from being carried off by those fae prone to the occasional pilfering. Its not like I haven't been busy, I just have not taken the time to record it, which is pretty important actually. Alot has happened around here since October, outside the art room I mean. My daughter and her husband bought their first home (and judging from how much they love it and how big it is, I expect they plan on staying a long while. I hope so. I love it too.) and have just announced the happy news that they are expecting a baby this December. I had already promised her that I would not take on any more swap projects until I finish my current projects, primary of which is "The Plaster Project" - I figure I will update this post for Christmas 2012 and then do a pending projects post. So, this past Christmas, I participated in two swaps. One was hosted by Patrick Gill of Cre8tor's Touch through his Artists Sharing Art Facebook page and here is what we did. We were each assigned a Christmas image and had to cull 6 ornaments from that inspiration for the swap. Here is mine: I was pretty happy with the end result, my swap partner seemed happy with them, as well. Here are the ornaments I recevied in return: The other swap I participated in was for The Art Doll Artists - we just had to create a single ornament - here is mine. And here is the ornament I received in return: As always, I had a lot of fun participating in these swaps, I do have lots of opportunities to do more, but as I mentioned, I have lots of other things to take care of first. I will close this post with a belated Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

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