Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Plaster Project and the Big Queue

After completing my last swap of the year for Christmas 2012, I promised my daughter I would not take on any new swaps till I had cleared my shelves of the plaster pieces that have been there for the last few years. We bought them during a trip to the plaster place on a whim, as I had done many of these projects back when my kids were babies. A girl opened up a small storefront "plaster place" right up the block from me when we lived in Queens, and I spent more than one evening up there just painting away, a cup of coffee in front of me, the idle chatter of women around me (and yes, plaster painting seemed to be mainly a female pursuit, at least from what you could tell of the evening sessions. I enjoyed it.) - it was soothing and I turned out quite a few Christmas pieces that way. Fast forward 25 years and my daughter now owns her own home complete with a fireplace and hearth, and those unpainted plaster pieces have just jumped the queue to "finish first" status. I did make one more purchase, and that was for a large Santa piece that I had done years ago for two of my sisters - its still my favorite piece, complete with a large light-up tree and a very pleasant Santa Clause. Here is the Plaster Project: I am about two-thirds of the way done with the Santa Claus - Once I am done with the Santa, I'll post pics and then post each of those houses individually. There are six houses and a nativity scene. I think Im going to need more brushes. :)

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