Sunday, April 28, 2013

The List

I wanted to just put a list in here, of all the things I have pending on my art bench. I have alot of projects in mind, and in no particular order here they are. I want to make a witch mobile - with wind chimes and crytals. Ive made minature kitchen witches, or little witch ornaments before, and I have six armatures all wrapped and ready to go. The one thing I didn't have is wind chimes. I found kits online to make them, I found made ones tha I might use, but they were most were almost ten bucks each. Too expensive for a half formed project that I wasn't sure about. Then..hubby and I went to the Atlantis Aquarium with our daughter a few weeks ago, and guess what they had on sale in the gift shop? FOR A DOLLAR EACH? Yep - wind chimes. So, I have the makings of this project that hopefully will get done sometime soon: Also on the bench is my gypsy wagon project, that I started two years ago for a SEHA challenge theme. It's still not done, but that doesn't mean Im not going to finish it. I'll get to this - it needs alot of work, least of which is figuring out the paint job which is turning out to be pretty tough. Im hoping all the painting I am going to be doing on the Plaster Project will put me in a good groove that will carry over to this project. I also have on tap this mushroom house, which was inspired by the gypsy wagon. I am hoping to turn this into a paper mache mushroom house for minature gnomes, complete with floors inside, doors and windows. All I have right now is the newspaper core and a dream. Along with the minature witches, I also have lovely fabric Ive purchased to make full size kitchen witches with. There is the Nevermore fabric, which is just an awesome find, with the ravens, owls, frogs, skulls and spiders, this fabric is just perfect for kitchen witches. I also bought some damask fabric to make a kitchen witch for my daughters new kitchen. The damask is her favorite pattern, and was the theme pattern for her wedding and is a recurring theme in her home. Now, the universe works in mysterious ways. I had just bought myself a new mouse pad for my art room, as I was recently able to move a computer in there finally, and so I needed a mouse pad. I had one made through Vistaprint, using images of two of my walnut cradle fairies - I sold lots of these little fairys several years ago, and had a LOT of fun making them at the time. I have a few of them unfinished on my bench, and I wanted the mouse pad with the fairies on it to help inspire me to get those done, and possibly get the entire series going again. Well, no sooner had I resolved to do this, a mysterious zip lock bag with a bunch of walnut shells showed up on my kitchen counter one evening - I just KNEW it was from my son's girlfriend's mother - she saved them and sent them for me to turn into cradles for my fairies. I had made one for her last Christmas to hang on the tree and I guess this was her way of saying "It isn't that long till Christmas - don't you have some fairies that not only need to be born, but need a cradle to sleep in, and then need a new home to go to??" Hehehe!! I will have to make Liz a very special little fairy complete with a little cradle for this Christmas, and one for her sister as well. They are just the nicest people and it was very sweet of Liz to think of me and my fairies. Here you can see a couple of the unfinished fairies waiting patiently for me to finish them (along with a new Tinkerbell bucket I snagged at Party City last week - perfect for holding my pencils!!) - and the bag of shells. Mere bag of shells? I think not! Thank you Liz! Another project in the queue is a clock project. I love the hand painted clocks that turn up on Ebay all the time, especially the Halloween themed ones. I have always wanted to make one myself, and I finally ordered the wood base and the clock works to get that done. I got both the wood and the works for less than twenty bucks total, so I don't feel I have alot invested here, so I can do with it what I want, and if I make a mess of it, no big deal. I am not quite sure yet what I am going to do with it, but I do know it will involve paper clay and lots of paint. Any ideas? Another project I have is the "Easter Project" - if you look through my blog, you will see two Vintage Easter projects that I did for swaps. I gave those pieces away, but what I didn't give away was an instant and complete adoration for vintage Easter cards, especially ones involving gnomes. I have already decided I will re create the two I already made, and do the others that are in the series that I can find. I believe there are at least four. Additionaly, I have found two of the original cards on Ebay and one on Etsy, and have started a little collection which I will add to as I can find these cards and others in the theme. I owe Patrick Gill a lot of gratitude for introducing me not just to the vintage cards, but to recreating them in vignettes that I just love love love to create. I just need to make some for myself and my family that we will keep and display for holidays. The dream journal is one my daughter bought me, and is a perfect place to tuck those antique cards into as I find and purchase them. I already have three, and a fourth is on the way. I hope to have at least one done by next Easter, for my daughter. I just LOVE these cards. Thank you so much Patrick! Well, I think thats quite a list, and quite enough for one evening. Time to stop thinking and start doing. But for now..time for bed. Goodnight, dear blog - Ill be back soon!

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