Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year!

Its been a while and boy, have I been busy! It's no secret that there is a new person in my life, my adorable grand daughter Victoria Rose and I've been very wrapped up in all things Victoria. There was of course, her first Halloween complete with pumpkin carving, trick or treating and the traditional Halloween feast at our house:

She of course loved it - and before we knew it, it was time for Thanksgiving and her first birthday.

By this time, my art room was pretty much packed with presents for the Christmas holiday, and had ceased to be functional for ANYTHING except a Santa Warehouse! This was Tori's second Christmas but she was just a brand new infant last year. so this year was very exciting for us all.  She had a VERY busy holiday, indeed! She went to Radio City Music Hall in NYC to see the Christmas show there - she went to see all the light shows that are so popular out here, she went to a Gingerbread University and helped make a beautiful gingerbread house - so much to do!!! And she loved it all! Well, almost all - that big funny looking snowman at one of the Village events seemed to put her off a bit, as she kept saying "No, no no!.." every time he leaned in to her! LOL! But, no tears! She is a brave and very outgoing little girl, our Tori!.

Her Mommy and Daddy took her to see the "real" Santa Claus - where else? Macy's Herald Square, in NYC! What a lovely picture! 

And finally, helping her Bopbop and Nona (that would be me and my husband!) decorate our tree. It was a beautiful Christmas and I was sorry to take down the tree this year and put all the shiny things away.

Now just because I have been busy with the holidays does not mean I have been completely idle in the arts department - I managed to finish a few stockings for family members from my Bucilla stash - I'm still working on them too, I have a new one on my dining room table that I am working on for my daughter - I have a full box of these kits - I could spend the next few years doing nothing but sewing and be quite happy, thank you!!

This is for a close family friend - and that smile says it all! She LOVED it - and I hope she loves it for years to come. 

This one is for my son in law - Papa Bear - he is Tori's Daddy and we love him.

I made this one for my son - he loved this design, said it had all the elements of Christmas right there and was so much in the spirit of the holiday- everyone helping everyone out. It also has a penguin on top, which my son and his girl friend love. They have a "thing" for penguins - this one was perfect for him.

I am working on this one for my daughter now - with several in the box waiting their turn on the dining room table. This one also has a matching tree skirt to go with it, so there is a LOT of work to be done in the Bucilla department.

I also managed to find the time to participate in the Sing A Song of Christmas ornament swap for Every Witch Way Lane - we were challenged to pick a traditional Holiday Song and render an ornament inspired by that song. Well, with all the presents stacked in my art room, there was no other song I could possibly choose but "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - here he is:

Well, by now, my art room has been cleaned out, all the presents are away (well, most of them anyway!) and the New Year is fast becoming just THIS year - I think its time for me to get my groove back on and get back to creating and sharing those creations with all my wonderful friends from Every Witch Way Lane! 

Thank you for sharing this "fast forward Holiday 2014" post with me - Happy Happy New Year to one and all! Here's to a wonderful, productive and artistic 2015!!!!

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