Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hurry Back - A Halloween Poem

Hurry Back

I'm not so young anymore
The time does not fly
I find myself watching
As the days roll slowly by
I watch as the frozen winter
Melts away into spring
I watch as the spring flowers fade
And the summer takes wing

 But the fall, the sweet autumn
Oh that most welcome time of year
When the leaves rustle and turn
And Halloween draws near

 Tis then my heart turns young again
As the nights grow cool and long
And that crisp snap in the air
Is like a long beloved song


 Into the attic now
To dust off the lights
The jack-0-lanterns, the props
 That will mark the big night

 And fill up the pantry
with all things warm and sweet
Prepare for the Halloween feast
When the family will meet

 And all join together
For that magical night
With the bell ringing constant
As the children play at fright

 Oh I adore this time of year
It makes my heart skip a beat
Answer the door a hundred times
To the cry of "Trick or Treat!"


 And after everyone's gone home,
while the jack candles burn low
I'll sit and bask in the warmth
And enjoy autumn's warm glow

 Halloween, Halloween
My favorite time of the year
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
Hurry back, I'll be right here.

                                               by:  A. Sander

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