Monday, March 9, 2015

Bucilla - The Big Stash

I have always loved to sew. Always. Ever since I can remember. I would take whatever little change I could find and head down to McCrory on Kissena Blvd where there were row after row after row of brilliantly colored embroidery floss that could be had for less than a pack of bubble gum. I loved standing there just gazing at all those delicious colors, my head filled with the flowers, butterflies and rainbows I would create with them. My love for sewing has stayed with me, and while I have never loved the sewing machine or mastered the art of following a pattern, I still have my embroidery hoops, my baskets of thread, my tins of beads and my collection of needles.

These days my love of sewing has been kept stoked with the help of these Bucilla kits which I discovered a bit over a year ago. I've made a handful of stockings so far (see my previous post) but I also promised a mentor that I would post pictures of the kits I have already in hand waiting for their turn. Here they are, in no particular order.

This is my Bucilla stash - I know it doesn't look that impressive but it represents hours and hours of waiting work.

This is what is in those boxes - these are all stockings:

These are tree skirts. The snowman is for my daughter and the train is for my son. I'm actually super intimidated by these tree skirt kits, but I am determined to do them. 

And this is an advent calender for my daughter. This is another kit with so many, many, MANY tiny pieces, it is very intimidating, but again - I WILL get it done. 

And so that is the Bucilla stash. As I start and complete them, I'll keep a work in progress log and share.  This post is for Debbie of And Sew Forth - check out her AMAZING YouTube videos on how to do a Bucilla stocking - it helped me get up the courage to cut into that first piece of felt and feel like I could actually do these and do them well. Thank you Debbie!


  1. Fun! I have many of those same kits too. Like you, I'm trying to get the nerve to start the advent calendar, maybe this month. Thanks for your support! I have two grown sons who do know how to work a sewing machine and sew a button or two. I think it is so sad kids are not exposed to any practical classes like home ec or wood shop through public schools anymore. Though my mom taught me to sew I learned a lot in my advanced sewing classes in high school. But that was a long time ago and now many people have no idea what they are missing...so I started making the videos. Wanted them to be free. Watching one of my son's post a video on youtube, I decided to give it try. I get so tickled when I hear from anyone I've lead down this road.

  2. Hi Arlene, I have enjoyed visiting your blog. I am a secret stitcher! My interest has swayed towards miniatures but oh the delicious potential in every one of those brucillla kits. I also,love to acquire threds, one does not need to use them to appreciate their beauty.
    All the best.
    Regards Janime

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    2. Hi Janine! Thank you so much for stopping by and being kind enough to comment! You sound alot like me! I also love miniatures and have a doll house kit just waiting for construction, and I know I will be consumed with mini-making before the glue sets and the paint dries. I also love to just acquire (my daughter calls me a glitter hoarder!! LOL!) and I do have some lovely metallic threads that were bought just because they are so pretty to look at. One day I may find a project for them but if not, I will still enjoy having them. I would love to see some of your work! Hopping over to minwks to see. :