Monday, March 2, 2015

Walnut Cradle Fairies - Kitty

So, when someone tells you how much they like your work, and ask you for something special, it is very difficult to NOT want to do something that is worthy of that word special. I went through a creative phase where I made quite a few fairy babies that all slept in walnut shell cradles. I enjoyed making them a LOT but when I went back to work at my day job after a year hiatus, it seemed that that creative tract got put aside. I discovered paper clay, and spent the next few years indulging my vintage Halloween interest. Through that interest, and through the group I belong to, Every Witch Way Lane, a member and collector asked me about a cradle fairy. This is the result of that request.

Kitty is a one of a kind hand sculpted fairy. There are NEVER any molds used on any of my sculpts, everything is done by eye and hand. She is sculpted from polymer clay, as is the frame of her walnut cradle. The medallion on her cradle bears a kitty for her namesake and a moon that glows in the dark after being exposed to a light source. The cradle is lined with reindeer moss to make the bed nice and soft for her to sleep in. She holds her broom in one hand, it is not remove-able, and has a rattan whisk. Her hat is hand sewn, carefully lined and embellished with a few metallic beads.  A tiny sprig of dried flowers are tucked into the beads, just to make it look pretty. She is painted lightly with a wash of acrylics, and her hair is Tibetan mohair. I've determined that she is number 29 in the series, and will be making her a COA card identifying her as such.

I hope she is the start of another good run of these fairies. I've missed them.


  1. Oh hh Arlene there is not enough I can say about her. I love love love her she is everything that I could have ever wanted. She will be a beautiful addition to my growing collection but she is one of the most treasured. You nailed everything I wanted and then some.thank you so much crystal

    1. What a super sweet thing to say, Crystal! I will get her boxed up and ready to go tonight. It makes me so happy to know that she will be going to someone who thinks so very much of her - I really hope you love her!! Thank you again for your kind words and support! Much love from NY - Arlene