Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kitchen Witches finished!

It seems the summer has just slipped away, and here we are staring the end of August in the face, and I just wonder where the time goes?? It always seems I don't do enough, never have enough time, or that I am procrastinating, or not being productive - the list goes on and on, but..considering I do work a full time job (albeit a telecommuting job where I am allowed to work home most days) and I have a husband who also works very hard during the day, it's amazing I get anything at all done in the art room. But..when I take a moment to look back and see what I HAVE done, I DO accomplish stuff. I DO finish projects. I DO manage to carve out those slices of time where my muse is feeling cooperative, the phones are not ringing, there are no dishes in the sink, no laundry on the couch, nobody standing there begging to be fed, or wanting company while watching the latest "Roseanne's Nuts"- in those moments (which I want to be clear here, are not treasured above the other moments - I adore my family, I love my husband, I love our time together and I would not trade it for all the hours in the day in the artroom left to my contemplations. Does that make me an undisciplined artist? Uncommited to my art? Is that why I can't seem to produce more than a few projects a month? Is there some tradeoff that has to happen?) I manage to get stuff done. :) Anyway, I wanted to create kitchen witches, maybe even a "line" of them - and I was very happy with how they came out. They are currently listed on Ebay - http://tinyurl.com/3kxqg3p
So, now that those are done and out of my system for the time being, I can move on to something else. I have a Halloween Ornament tree that I started a while ago, and the SEHA theme challenge for August IS Halloween Ornament, so that is next!!!

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