Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Easter Card Swap 2012 Project DONE!

It's a beautiful Monday morning, and I am on vacation. Thats the good news. Great news is that I've finished my swap piece for Patrick Gill's Vintage Easter Card Swap. Here are the finished pics. I am very pleaesed with how it came out - I used polymer clay for the flowers, the gnome and the flower pot inside the window - I used Creative Paper Clay for the bunnies, the tree, the birds (which were all then flocked using feathers that were chopped into fine flocking) - the cage was made of wood and glue and is removeable for shipping, as is the tree. I used paper mache for the egg - a base of newsprint mache covered with a layer of powdered paper mache. The base was sanded and stained and sealed with reindeer moss glued down, and the underside of the base has been covered with red felt to finish it all off. I hope whoever receives this piece likes it! Happy Easter, everyone!

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